The Yankee Championship Salary Effect

While watching the Yankees win and throwing up shortly thereafter, I wondered at 3am how past Yankee Championship wins have affected salaries the following year. McCown has theorized that the Jays will have to spend around the 120 million mark to come close to the Yankees and Red Sox and make them more competitive next year. Now that the Empire has won the world series, let's look back at the effect past Yankees Championships have had on the average salary in baseball.
WS WinnerFollowing Year Avg Salary% increase from previous year MLB salary
1996 - NYY$1,383,578 17.6
1997 - FLO$1,441,4064.2
1998 - NYY$1,720,05019.3
1999 - NYY$1,998,03415.6
2000 - NYY$2,264,40313.9
2001 - ARZ$2,383,2355.2
2002 - ANA$2,555,4767.2
2003 - FLO$2,486,609(-2.7)
2004 - BOS$2,632,6555.9
2005 - CWS$2,866,5448.9
2006 - STL$2,944,5562.7
2007 - BOS$3,154,8457.1
2008 - PHI$3,240,0002.7
2009 - NYY??????
So basically, Yankees win, everyone loads up more than they normally would the following year. Based on this pattern, this wouldn't be a good year to spend as competition for free agents will be higher than normal. If you were the Jays, would this change your planning for the off-season free agent frenzy?

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