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Hey bobcat_idol!

I’m a big fan of your blog and drop by every now and again to catch up on what Bob is up to these days. I liked how you called out for fellow listeners to submit some bloggage while you busily raise your 2 boys!

I listened to Bob interview Richard Griffin this morning (yesterday’s show)!

Before I start my guest bloggage, I just wanted to point out to all sports fans that the word ‘consistency’ does not imply that something is ‘good’.

Example of incorrect usage: “The Toronto Maple Leafs need to be more consistent”

Example of correct usage: “The Toronto Maple Leafs have been consistent over the past few years in that they have not made the playoffs.”

Anyway onto the bloggage…

Did you hear any of the Nov 9, 2009 show? The Richard Griffin segment was awesome. It was made up of 3 people all agreeing on a topic without suggesting how to change things. Part of the conversation was about Cito managing in 2010 and then giving him a 4 yr front office job. It was said that Paul Beeston has done this out of respect and loyalty for Cito Gaston. There was very little debate (although Bob and Co tried to accuse Richard Griffin that his explanation was indeed his opinion) as they agreed that it would have been better for the Jays to replace the manager for 2010.

Here is my view as to why this is not a good idea at this moment in time.

At the end of 2008 the team was suited to the managerial style of Cito Gaston. With the pitching injuries and influx of rookies during 2009, Cito’s strengths were no longer an asset for the team. The lesson here is that the manager hired for a group of players, didn’t pan out because the players changed. With this in mind, is it wise to hire a new manager now, without knowing what kind of team the Jays will have?

Another argument is that the new manager would be able to help build the team. I would suggest that the young Alex Anthopolous has sights set on building a team and wants his name attached to it without the appearance that someone else is pilling his strings and possibly to avoid a conflict that a GM vs manager may have.

Once the Halladay and Wells situation is resolved; some free agents or prospects are bought onboard; and a solid core team is put together BEFORE hiring a new manager. Of course, all this could happen during Spring Training, most likely in will happen mid-2010 season. My suggestion is that they promote bench coach Nick Leyva as manager for 2011. This will bring familiarity and consistency within the clubhouse.

But for now, today, mid-November 2009, the Jays have a vision at building a competitor in 2011, so having Cito as the manager (with a built-in, face-saving, 4-year escape clause) doesn’t harm the team at all. Knowing what the team nucleus is made up of, will probably help to attract an external manager as well.


I think 2010 is pretty much a guaranteed write-off and the Jays admit as much by bringing Cito back for a one year contract. I agree it makes no sense to bring him back given the new direction the club is headed in, but at the end of the day it makes little impact.

What do you guys think?

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