I've got a couple of boys under 3 who are both sick...not H1N1, thank god, but sleepless nights nonetheless! Will try and catch up, but more likely will start up when I can at the first show I hear. Been catching pieces of interviews, but not the entire show. As always, looking for writers - dorp me an email at bobcat_idol@hotmail.com.

Cheers and keep healthy everyone!

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  1. John Shannon has a simple explanation for why one of the country's top broadcasting executives decided to ply his trade in front of the camera:

    "I'm a ham at heart," says Shannon, now a Rogers Sportsnet hockey panellist after a 30-year career running the show with Hockey Night in Canada, Leafs TV, the NHL and NHL Network.

    He's having fun, too, as he spends his days talking hockey on TV or talking sports on Rogers-owned FAN 590, where he will soon be a regular on the Bob McCown show. "If I can reinvent myself at 53, that's great," Shannon says, adding that he's having more fun now than he has in years.

    source: www.thestar.com