Thursday, March 5 - 6:00-7:00

Hockey. Baseball. Basketball. SWEET!

In the first segment on Prime Time Sports, Bob McCown and Stephen Brunt welcomed Al Morganti and Neil Smith to talk about "hockeyhockeyhockeyhockey" Al hasn't been on in a while either. Talked about the trade deadline as well as Stanley Cup predictions:

Neil Smith: (didn't answer - CHICKEN!)
Al Morganti: New Jersey (McCown agreed)

Second segment with Jeff Blair to discuss baseball - Canada rocks and looks promising for the World Baseball Championship. A-Roid looks like he needs surgery.

Jack Armstrong came in to talk about Baketball - Raptors are out. Jack commented "You are the Johnny Carson of sports radio" and brought shivers up my spine when he suggested Bobcat get Monday and Friday's off. "It's more quantity than quality (on Prime Time Sports)", McCown quipped.

Stephen Brunt quipped at the end "I'd rather be Brian Burke than Brian Colangelo." One thing is for sure - no one wants to be JP Ricciardi!!!

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