Wednesday, March 4 - 5:00-7:00

Here are the ways to listen to Prime Time Sports that I am aware of:
1) Podcast
2) Sportsnet TV
3) Radio
4) Rogers Digital TV, Channel 504 (maybe Bell too?)
5) Fan590 streaming

Normally, I listen/watch using option #2 and option #1 as a plan b. During certain times, Prime Time Sports isn't broadcast on TV and unfortunately for whatever reason, viewers aren't notified in advance that this will be happening. As a result, for those of us that set out PVRs, we panic when Prime Time Sports isn't broadcasted (or maybe it's just me!) Thank god for the other options on a day like today!

Elliote Friedman made a rare appearance on Prime Time Sports today. Bob McCown and Elliote Friedman have a great chemistry together, second to only the Bobcat and Brunt. For some reason due to contractual issues between CBC and Sportsnet, he rarely comes on Prime Time Sports anymore. Perhaps his history on The Score prepped him well for live tv banter, but he always holds his ground better than most that come on. Another great job this afternoon.

The way in which Bob McCown devises questions that no one else has thought of astounds me. As today is trade deadline day, I have literally been watching TV for 11 hours. I have seen Burke interviewed at least 6 times from different news sources. When Burke came on, I figure, what else could be asked from the man that hasn't already. When McCown asks questions like, "did you make more calls today or receive more", "did you make any calls to inquire about players" and "walk us through your day - how are deals devised", you know he's on his game more than anyone else. The responses that came from Burke were equally thought provoking. A podcast to check out for sure. As Stephen Brunt said to end the interview, "on a day when many days were spoken, this (interview) was different."

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