Friday, March 6 - 5:00-7:00

Roundtable with Bob McCown, Stephen Brunt, James Deacon, and John Wells
"Due to your performance Brunt, you are getting exactly what you are worth…NOTHING!" - Bob McCown.

(I really have to start a javascript quotation generator with Bob McCown's quotes!)

A wonderful exchange off the top (which turned into an entire segment) between Brunt and McCown on Brunt wanting to talk about "Tobogganing". McCown maintained he's going to be excited about the games, but don't expect him to be excited up until a week before and a week after. As this "unholy alliance" continues, it's going to be really interesting to see how McCown's mood is going to affect what the network wants to achieve. A lot is at stake, and I'm sure Bobcat will get a talking to as we get closer to put on the pompoms and do the rah-rah-rah thing more and keep the comments against the alliance to a minimum! (Anyone from Prime Time Sports want to email me on that hypothesis, feel free and!)

Hey Deacon in response to your comment "Imagine the Ottawa fans thought about Gerber's win?" - we thought exactly what Bob McCown said 2 seconds later…we hope he takes the leafs RIGHT into 9th place! Go Gerber GO! The highlight of my season will be when Gerber looses the last game of the season and costs the leafs from getting into the playoffs for the first time in 5 years. (Of course, there is an alternative which my mind mentally cannot go to!)

Then, shock of shocks, the roundtable started to discuss my hometown Kanata. Lots of guessing here and not much of homework done by the panel. For the record, the links to both proposals are located below:

Ottawa's MLS bid
Ottawa's CFL bid
Melnyk is asking for land to be donated by the City that he wishes to build MLS Soccer on. I hate Bob McCown's take on the CFL not returning to Ottawa based on it's previous failures. I have heard this time and time again, and to hear the 4 guys from Toronto take shots against what's happening in Ottawa. Truth is Bobcat, as a former Renegades Season Ticket holder, we have had attendance that was equal to the product on the field. SI was going to write an article the year the Renegades folded that the Ottawa CFL team was the most "loosing-est" (Bobcat, you may cringe now), franchise of all time. You can't continue to go for support to the public when the ownership is so incompetent.

In terms of the relationship between the CFL and MLS, what is happening is all part of negotiating, the EXACT same way it was with the Leafs and Raptors looking for facilities. I'm not saying necessarily that it will work, but the posturing is the same. Where I have been influenced by Bobcat is, as long as my public money doesn't go into the franchise (land or otherwise), I'm a-ok.

Not sure of Wells said more than 10 words the entire 2 hours. (In a loving way, of course!)

...and Prime Time Sports, brought to you by Harvey's? Very cool shout-out Bobcat!

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