Monday, March 9 - 6:00-7:00

Host: McCown
Co-Host: Kelley, Grange

Kelley and the gang had no problem understanding the coaching move the Gainey Canadiens made, but had problems when the Sens did the same. The respect that they have for Gainey to go behind the bench is dramatically different than the arrows that were slung towards Sens GM Murray.

Kelley rambled on for what seemed like forever about the Bills management ineptitude, and the manifestation of this fact in hiring T.O.. Even Bob McCown tried to jump in to reason with Kelley, but Kelley was nothing short of possessed!

Bob McCown then took a shot at Sportsnet for interrupting a WBC game that had been on for 8 innings to show the Canada-US WBC game. My, how things have changed (see below from wikipedia:

"On March 14, 1987, Dave Hodge was the in-studio host as the CBC carried a game between the Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs , which ended early. The network then switched over to a regional game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Montreal Canadiens for the end of the third period. It ended in a tie just before 11:00 PM Eastern Time, meaning it would require overtime. CBC executives, however, decided that only viewers in Quebec, who had seen the game from the start, would get to continue watching after 11:00, while the rest of the network would cut away. "That's the way things go these days in sports and at this network," Hodge said in disgust, flipping his pencil in the air. "We'll leave you in suspense. Good night from Hockey Night in Canada." Hodge was replaced the following week by western correspondent Ron MacLean and eventually fired from the network"

I think radio vets like Bob McCown owe a debt to guys like Dave Hodge - what difference time makes, eh?

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