Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown - Friday, March 12 - 5:00-7:00

Host: Bob McCown
Guest Hosts: Friday Roundtable with Jim Kelley, Bruce Arthur, and James Deacon
Another shout-out to Harvey's on Fridays…and way to make Kelley squirm in the opening segment on his "past indiscretions"!

TSN2 is going to go down the tubes as quickly as the Raptors this year. The round table suggested that without a successful Raptors team, the pressure for Rogers to get TSN2 on their airwaves diminishes very quickly. Absolutely agreed. I used to care that I didn't get TSN2 on my cable package for NHL and NBA games. Now that the Sens and Raptors are both our of the post-season, I couldn't care less. This doesn't bode well for TSN2.

The next head coach of the Habs will indeed be an interesting discussion primarily because the leading candidate, Don Lever is anglophone. Language shouldn't matter, but it sure as heck does in Montreal and the province of Quebec. Ultimately, I do agree with the panel, that results will matter much more than language, but can only intesify the feelings against an English coach if the Habs season takes another turn for the worse.

Surprised to hear that most of the panel spoke a bit of French, including Bobcat…who knew??

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