Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown - Thursday, March 12 - 6:00-7:00

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Jim Kelley
Guests: Writer for ESPN The Magazine, Peter Keating; Roger Cleveland, Callaway Golf's chief golf club designer
Concussions have been discussed to death on Prime Time Sports (terrible pun). But this discussion was different. Link "In addition to receiving different levels of education about concussions, women and men have different hormones protecting their brains and different levels of neck strength. They also have different styles of play, and none of the return-to-play guidelines used by teams to evaluate injured athletes take gender into account. Research shows that doctors and trainers don't conduct follow-up exams with female athletes as quickly as they do with males, either. Adding to the confusion, young women frequently get menstrual headaches -- migraines, even -- as hormones flood their changing bodies, making it all too easy to dismiss concussion symptoms."

I'm not a big golf guy, so the discussion on clubs was lost on me, although hearing Bobcat's excitement on this topic was kinda neat. As Bob said a few shows ago, "Soon all the golfers will be dead, and all those in the golf industry will be in trouble as they have not opened up the sport to youth." Next time Cleveland comes in, I'd like to see more explanation by Callaway golf on the future of the sport.

Hey Bob, me one of your extra putters - I'll use it when I take my kid for mini-golf!!!

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