Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown - Monday, March 16 - 6:00-7:00

Host: Bob McCown
Guests: Roundtable with Stephen Brunt, and Gord Kirke
A touching intro by Kirke who just returned from Kandahar with NHL stars, and Canadian celebrities. Another earth shattering revelation this week - Bob McCown and Alan Frew from Glass Tiger are 'buds'…another who knew moment!

The boys discussed the World Baseball Championship in the first segment. If I'm Rogers, I spend the extra dough to get a more competitive team asap. At least spend money to bringing in someone brighter than non-productive, pencil necked tool that is JP.

Interesting discussion on Goaltending. McCown pondered, "Stanley cups are certainly a function of the team you have in front of you." Man, the Sens wished that were true Bobcat!!

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