Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown - Tuesday, March 17 (6:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Stephen Brunt
Guests: Commissioner of the United Football League, Michael Huyghue; Bob Nicholson, Hockey Canada's president; Globe and Mail sports columnist, Jeff Blair

The UFL gets a sweetheart deal from Versus to broadcast it's yet-to-kickoff league. Man, the NHL has to be having the itch to get off Versus now, or at least get some more cash on the next deal. I wonder why a UHL wouldn't work for the same reasons that the UFL could work: hit over-saturated markets at non-peak times. Another hockey league in the summer in cities like Toronto, Vancouver, New York and Boston maybe???

Bobcat then took exception with Bob Nicholson with the actions being taken by Hockey Canada against "outlaw leagues". Really weird to see the underbelly of Hockey Canada…"your with us or against us", type approach, and we're talking about 9-10 year olds. Bob correctly classified it as "bullying" - check out the article here (he's not that far off):Link

…and then back to the WBC with Jeff Blair - geez, can't wait til this thing is over.

You guys all done your Final Four picks?

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