Wednesday, February 25 - 6:00-7:00

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Jim Kelley
Guests: Michael Sanderson, father of the late Don Sanderson; FAN 590 show host and Rogers Sportsnet hockey analyst, Doug MacLean

Through the years, the one thing that has kept me coming back to PTS is how the Bobcat can take high expectations for interesting guests and exceed these expectations into something memorable. Michael Sanderson had the potential to be one of those interviews. I think the only reason it wasn't was that the interview was only limited to one segment. (Segments #2 and #3 with MacLean wasn't anything to write home about either.)

Right off the bat, McCown asked Mr. Sanderson what misconceptions there were about his son who passed away due to hitting his head on the ice during a fight. Sanderson responded by saying his son was never a goon. "Hockey is physical enough, without fighting." A picture was painted regarding Don Sanderson being a player that knew his future in hockey did not include playing in the NHL, but perhaps coaching at some level.

He said he was not an advocate for fighting and always didn't like fighting. He then went on to state McCown's theory on where fighting should be in the new NHL. Heavier suspensions, stiffer penalties and a stigma attached to fighting by the punishments therein.

I personally remember a Coach's Corner shortly after Sanderson passed, that Don Cherry said that he spoke to Mike Sanderson who said if someone is looking for trouble, to not hesitate to drop the gloves and fight. "That's hard for people to believe," Cherry said. "Mike is a hockey guy. He coaches hockey, he teaches hockey. All his life he's been in hockey. If two guys want to [fight], that's it." Here's the source to Cherry saying this. After hearing Michael Sanderson, either Cherry is lying or Don Sanderson is. I believe it's the former. Mike briefly addressed Cherry in the interview head-on. Kudos to Bobcat for not turning it into a he-said she-said issue, and choosing to focus on the fighting issue itself.

MacLean came on to discuss Phoenix Coyotes bailout. McCown asks, "who in there right bleeping mind would wanna buy this franchise unless it was movable...would you?" Just give this team back to Winnipeg already!! Nice to see MacLean agree with Bobcat on something, finally!

Trade deadline discussion in the 3rd segment - lots of potential big players moving...but other than that, nothing earth shattering here.

No parting shots.

ps. i see quite a few people coming from around the country - comment, will ya?

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