Email to Prime Time Sports

Just sent this to them...will let you know if I hear anything:

Greetings and Salutations! :)

I have been an advent listener of Bobcat and Prime Time Sports since the early 90s (if memory serves). I have listened to probably more shows than anyone (ok, impossible to prove). I started the Prime Time Sports blog to post my thoughts on Bob McCown's shows and hopefully encourage a dialogue about his thoughts (which I am often angered and inspired by - sometimes at the same time!)

I do reside in Ottawa, and although Bobcat thinks there is a bias against him here, I can assure him that there isn't (at least not by me.)

I will be posting thoughts on Bob McCown's Prime Time Sports a maximum of 48 hours after the show airs and hope you will take the time to share this blog with Bobcat. It is to ultimately to get thoughts and engage in a dialogue of listeners on what is probably the greatest broadcaster, sports or otherwise, of our generation.

I would really be interested in hearing what Bobcat thinks about this blog (if anything, at all!)



  1. I would like to speak with you. How do I contact you directly?

  2. Contact me at Cheers!