Tuesday, February 24, 2009 - 6:00-7:00

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Jim Kelley
Guests: Lawyer and legal analyst, Rob Becker; David Broughton of SportsBusiness Journal; Bert Sugar, author and boxing historian

(Hello) Becker was on and admitted he rarely goes to court...PUNK! Jim Bowden was talked about first - nothing really compelling in this story IMO. Bonds was next up to bat (sorry, had to use that line!) Bobcat is right - I am fatigued by this story. I really would just like a conclusion to it.

Not sure why, but I do like the A-Roid story more - maybe because the dude is so comical! According to Becker, the statute of limitations is probably run out on A-Roid, and he has never testified saying he 'hasn't' used steroids, so other than looking like a goof, there ain't much that will happen to him (unlike Bonds, Clemons, etc...)

David Broughton from Sports Business News came on to discuss the economic climate as it relates to MLB. (I don't think this guy has been on PTS before.) From the discussion, it looks as if ticket prices are coming down pretty much across the board to meet the recession head-on. Nothing compelling about this interview.

Burt Randolph Sugar (according to Bobcat, "one of my favorite guests") spoke to Bobcat. Burt is one of the few guests that Bobcat allows to ramble on and seems to genuinely enjoy it. They spoke about movies, etc. About Holyfield/Tyson III, each are getting 35 million in Abu Dhabi. Who would be dumb enough to go? Sugar hypothesizes that Holyfield needs the cash. Sugar asks, "Who gives a damn?" According to Bobcat, "Leaf fans will go" :)

Parting Shots:
Kelley: Someone wants Canseco dead.
Bobcat: There's never a shortage of stupid people.

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