Tuesday, February 24, 2009 - 5:00-6:00

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Jim Kelley

The boys speak about the upcoming CBC 5th estate special "Fighting in Hockey" Link. It will air this Friday at 9pm EST. Both Bobcat and Cherry will be on the show (although he said he's on for "8 seconds. What are the chances that most of me are on an editing floor in CBC somewhere?").

The real interesting thing about PTS and the past 6-8 months worth of shows (at least) is the simmering rivalry between Cherry and McCown. McCown has always said he has the most respect for Cherry but fundamentally disagrees with his take on fighting. It seems as both him and Don will be on the CBC, although I highly doubt face to face. Bobcat has maintained that fighting shouldn't be eliminated from the game, but instead stiffer penalties be invoked for those who partake in fisticuffs.

Bobcat took a FANTASTIC shot against MLSE and the Leafs regarding the ...reiterating that MLSE is a bunch of money grubbing idiots (man, I love the truth!)

Greekboy Kypreos came on to Bobcat stating MLSE must think "we have stupid, stupid fans who will pay just about anything." Nothing earth shattering about this news.

Bobcat shared that when he was 12 he punched a bully out and Kipper jumped all over for him asking why isn't this good enough for the NHL? (I'm pretty sure Kipper was joking...wasn't he??)

Tigercats on for the last segment - missed it due to a crying youngan!!

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