Monday, February 23rd - 6:00-7:00

Well, both Kelley and Brunt are part of the mini-roundtable tonight. (For the record, Kelley kept the co-host chair, and Brunt took the 'guest' chair!)

Tom Renney was discussed and the relevant merits of him as a Coach. I agree with discussion that surrounded Tortorella as incoming Head Coach. As far as cashing two cheques goes - in the rare times it happens in ones life, I say TAKE IT! :)

The boys discussed the trade deadline and how it's more for show then anything else. Bobcat brought up the point that he brought up in his book saying that the trade deadline is all hype and even the busiest teams never materializes into anything significant in the standings.

I tend to disagree - the pressure on GMs to make a deal only occurs twice during the year - the draft and trade deadline. Other than these times, it's virtually quiet during the NHL year. The media scruitny on GMs will push them into actions they normally wouldn't make. I predict there will be a blockbuster deal this year (lecalvier/spezza.)

They then proceeded to do a cross Canada tour spending (shock of shocks) considerable amount of time on the Leafs. Kelley continues to have a major axe to grind on Murray as he's a feverish Muckler supporter. The reality is Murray has had one draft. There isn't any decision Murray has made that has been questionable at the time he made it. The age-old scare tactics of PTS really came out when they spoke about how viable the Sens would be if they were on the decline. Even in a brutal economy, the Sens are 2nd in attendance (source). The Sens have built a solid base here and this team isn't going anywhere...

In terms of the Spezza-Heatley debate, it's sad to see the 3 wise men not take note of Heatley's NTC. Heatley simply can't be moved anywhere, unless he waives his NTC. Spezza is the only option for the Sens. Not sure why this point is missed so much by the media (not only PTS).

In summary, here's how they broke everything down:
Sens - buyers/sellers - who the heck knows?
Leafs - sellers
Habs - buyers
Flames - buyers
Oilers - not sellers
Canucks - buyers

The worst Coach in the NHL according to Bobcat - Wayne Gretzky.

Parting shots:
Kelley - 99% of trade rumors you hear are false, so calm down...
Brunt - Jays are screwed
Bobcat - yep, Jays are screwed

(Just a quick edit - I worried a lot about agreeing with everything the Bobcat said, but this inaugural post makes me feel much better!)

ps. what do you guys think?


  1. "Jays are screwed" - I love when critics write off a season before it even starts of or 100% passionate about successes that teams will have, and try to predict playoff positions etc.

    For example at the start of the current NHL season the Pens and Sens were tipped to be 2 of the hottest teams. It turns out that both teams are struggling for a playoff spot this year. No one predicted the Tampa Bay Rays to go to the World Series 2008.

    So what does the statement "Jays are screwed" mean? Who cares? They may suck, they may do well - the season starts in a few weeks and I'm excited to be watching baseball games and highlights again!


  2. No one was calling the Sens favorites this year - without question!

    Looking at the Jays this year, one can only look at what happened last year and how they have added no offense nor pitching help to an already sub-par team.

    ...and the prognosis shouldn't be a reason to keep the diehards (or even occasional fans) away. Nothing quite like an afternoon at the park!