Monday, February 23rd - 5:00-6:00p

On the first posting of this blog, I find out that both Jim Kelley AND Stephen Brunt will be co-hosting with the Bobcat. Can't think of the last time this happened in a non-roundtable format.

Jim and Bob speak about the issue of Coaching and how difficult it is for coaches to stick around in the current era of the NHL. They spoke about how difficult it is in today's NHL to keep a job. Tom Renny being fired today was discussed as being a red herring for what is really a lousy team.

While I agree with this in principle, Coaches know this is the deal going into the profession. It is definitely not the easiest of professions especially in the current NHL era. Having said that, we have seen an influx of good young coaches being given opportunities, more so than ever before.

Mark Fainaru-Wada, author of Game of Shadows came on. You can tell that guests like Mark really like coming on PTS as it is a true discussion of issues based on his background. You can also tell that Bob loves having a shit disturber like Mark on. Mark spoke about what he'd do if he was Commish, A-Roid and Bonds.

It always amazes me how steroids in baseball is such an emotional issue, yet there isn't a peep about this in football. It's a big mess and truthfully, it's a lot easier to turn your head away as a baseball fan than trying to surmize a solution to the current situation. As fans, the only reason we should care is for kids getting into the sport in the first place and pressures they may have (classic Bobcat arguement!)

Richard Griffin finished up chatting about the Jays and their injury woes before even spring-training-day opener. It will be a long season in Toronto this year...hey, at least the Raptors and Jays are in good company!

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