Well, as promised back from hiatus with a decision. Before I get into the decision, it's probably good to set the context of how the blog is updated. I rarely catch Prime Time Sports "live" from 4-7pm. Most of the time I listen to it via podcast at various times the following day. A few things have happened over the last few months:
1) I have two kids under 3, the youngest of whom has taken ill over the past few months
2) Increased responsibilities at work
3) Turning 35 recently has really made me take stock in my health including working out every day for an hour between 4-5

With these factors rearing their head, it's time for me to change perspective here.

I will be attempting a periodic review of Prime Time Sports especially when guests of interest appear on the show.

As mentioned, I do listen to Prime Time religiously, but have gone periods without the show, especially when I moved to Ottawa in 1993 and I couldn't find the show locally. Now with internet, 4 channel broadcasts, and 3 hour format made available to the nation, Prime Time is more accessible than ever. Not to mention Bobcats own website at fadoo.ca

I'm not entirely sure how long Bobcat will continue on Prime Time Sports. ...and part of the reason for me starting this blog was to pay homage and tribute to a broadcaster who I feel is one of the best in Canada, and certainly the best of my lifetime that I have had the privilege of listening to.

Hopefully this blog added to the discussion on a daily basis and will continue to attempt to bring further insight to Prime Time Sports. Should any of you wish to make contributions here, feel free to drop me a line.

Keep well everyone and talk to you soon.

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  1. Hi I was just wondering if you have the podcasts of Prime Time Sports from the olympics