Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Wednesday, November 11, 2009 (5:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Stephen Brunt
Guests: Bob McCown, Stephen Brunt, David Shoalts, Gord Kirke.

Not sure what happened to Agassi being on Prime Time Sports today, as advertised and instead being moved to Friday. Perhaps the scheduling conflict had something to do with Agassi being in New York doing Letterman??

Due to Burke/Hargrove on Thursday, and Agassi on Friday the roundtable occurred today, on a Wednesday. ..and if McCown wasn't in a bad mood because of this, he certainly was when he tore Shoalts a new one ("you weren't late for Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday when I saw your fat face on there!!!") Ohhh, SNAP!

Brunt/Shoalts took a big time run at Gretzky commenting that his appearance and circus surrounding the Hockey Hall of Fame induction was well orchestrated by Gretz himself. For guys like Brunt to continue their insistence that Gretzky is a master manipulator, really does challenge the angelic notion Number 99 has in this country. The backlash Brunt took the last time around with his article challenging Gretzky was significant. Having said this, Brunt (and Shoalts) must be absolutely certain in their criticism to continue the attacks.

I love how Maclean was slagged on the show. As Shoalts pointed out, one GM told him "we forgive one mistake, but he'd better not make any more." The hatred between McCown and Maclean is hot as ever, despite Maclean coming on Hockey Central the day after the 'incident' saying life was good and he and McCown were on good terms.

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