Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Thursday, November 12, 2009 (5:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Stephen Brunt
Guests: Brian Burke, Keith Law, Buzz Hargrove, Bert Sugar, Dan Shulman

When I heard Buzz Hargrove would be back on Prime Time Sports, I felt betrayed as a listener. After all, this was the same Hargrove (along with others), who came on the show at the time of the Paul Kelly firing, not divulging any details of what happened. Hargrove was one of the interviews who hid behind "the confidentiality of the process."

Todays interview was entirely different. Instead of me trying to summarize the entire interview, I will tell you to dig this one up. Hargrove surprisingly provided very candid details about the firing, details surrounding it, and why he left the NHLPA. My take from it? Firstly, the NHLPA is screwed up beyond even our superficial observations. Secondly, Hargrove had no problems sharing who he slept with once he left the bed. I guess he didn't have a confidentiality agreement with the NHLPA, or if he did is choosing not to observe it.

Hargrove seemed to have an axe to grind in defending his name, claiming "the media" sensationalized what happened. This very well have been the case. However, only Hargrove and the entire NHLPA are to blame for this as the silence outweighed the details. Until today. One can only hope that the others break their silence to either validate Hargrove's claims or dispute them.

...and in other news, Burke was on. McCown in the past had claimed he has a friendship with Burke, and this very well may be the case. Perhaps given the Leafs current predicament and standing within the league, Burke had his back up against the wall much more in this interview, even claiming that he only does interviews when his PR guy tells him to. McCown responded that he hopes Burkes returns based on want, and not obligation. The relationship between McCown and Burke will continue to be fascinating to watch. These are two bulls in a china shop, and so far nothing's broken, but you can definitely feel the tension starting to build.

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