Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Wednesday, October 14, 2009 (5:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Stephen Brunt
Guests: Co-author of "Leafs AbomiNation", Michael Grange; Claude Lemieux, NHL player and "Battle of the Blades" contestant; Peter Keating, writer for ESPN The Magazine; NBC and Versus hockey analyst, Ed Olczyk; George Stroumboulopoulos, host of "The Hour" on CBC.

McCown: "I'm developing a book that talks about the life and times in this stupid business and how the suits have tried to mess up my life."

Brunt: "That hasn't happened recently to you has it?"
McCown: "Not in a couple of hours, but I've been here."

"An announcement is forthcoming…it's up to them to make whatever announcement they wish…we’re not sure why we're not on, but it doesn't matter why we're not on, but it's up to them (Sportsnet)…but it's going to be okay…just relax!" quipped McCown during the show.

Regardless of all the speculation going around the internetsssss these days, it seems as there will be something different, new and fresh happening with Prime Time Sports and Sportsnet. My best guess is that Sportsnet is going to take McCown and company out of the Fan590 studio and bring him into the Sportsnet studios which would lend to better camera's, better graphics and video support to conversations that take place. The simulcast will still take place on Fan590, but Sportsnet will be the base, not the Fan590, as it is now. So instead of a radio show on tv, it will be a tv show on radio. This would bring PTS up to a level to compete with TSN (Again, this is all in my mind!)

So, McCown has 3 upcoming books (all in his head) which are:
- McCowns life and times
- A retrospective of Prime Time Sports (evidently a picture book?)
- ???

…although not much has been said about Jim Kelley's departure from Prime Time Sports, Brunt did mention it by saying "now that John Shannon is a sidekick…" So it's pretty well confirmed. Kelley's out. Shannon's in.

Strombo interview was great…wish he'd be on more and can't wait for the Fleury interview on the Hour.

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