Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Monday, October 5th, 2009 (5:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Bruce Arthur
Guests: Chicago Blackhawks general manager, Stan Bowman; Tom Anselmi, VP and CEO of Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment; Paul Godfrey, former president of the Toronto Blue Jays;'s Lester Munson; baseball columnist for the Toronto Sun, Bob Elliott; Don Banks, Sports Illustrated NFL writer.

Sorry for the lack of updates last week. Both of my kids under 3 have been sick and it's been kleenex hell dealing with all the runny noses (sniff, sniff!) I blame it on McCown infecting my family with whatever he had last week through the radio!! No updates from Thursday and Friday as a result...apologies!

Blackhawks remind me of the Sens from the Yashin days - tons of potential and sky's the limit.

Why can't the NHLPA fire the Executive Committee and bring back Kelly? I think Kelly would come back under the right circumstances. If not, the NHL should hire him. It's a lot easier to leave Kelly fired than keep Kelly and fire Penny, Pink and Hardgrove of the NHLPA. It's hard to believe that the NHLPA will do what's right. More likely, they'll do what's easy as their track record clearly shows. Lester Munson and Bob McCown circled around the same themes in their interview.

Which mess would you rather be part of - the Jays or the NHLPA???

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  1. October 1, 2009
    Prime Time roster move
    Globe and Mail

    There's a change in the co-host lineup for Prime Time Sports and Prime Time Sports Connected.

    Former Hockey Night in Canada executive producer John Shannon - who most recently was executive VP of programming and production for the NHL - steps into a slot opposite Stephen Brunt (of The Globe and Mail) on Bob McCown's nightly talk show produced by Rogers.

    It isn't clear what that means for veteran hockey writer Jim Kelley, who has commuted from his Buffalo-area home to do the show since 2006.

    Usual Suspects has learned Shannon will do some co-hosting work this month, with his appointment becoming official Nov. 1. The move dovetails with Shannon joining Rogers Sportsnet, where he will serve as an NHL analyst.

    Shannon, 53, is no stranger to either Prime Time Sports or McCown, having appeared often as a co-host or panelist. His wide range of contacts in both NHL management and broadcasting is seen as an asset for Rogers, which is struggling to find a niche against TSN in Canada's sports-broadcast field.

    The addition of Shannon comes at a time when Rogers is cutting back on budgets to survive the current soft advertising market. FAN 590 program director Nelson Millman declined to comment on Shannon's hiring or any changes involving Kelley when contacted yesterday.

    In a phone interview, Kelley said: "I have not been told of any changes" with his position doing Prime Time and a blog on