Change at Prime Time Sports??

From Bruce Dowbiggin at the Globe & Mail (thanks to user Mike S!)
"There's a change in the co-host lineup for Prime Time Sports and Prime Time Sports Connected.

Former Hockey Night in Canada executive producer John Shannon - who most recently was executive VP of programming and production for the NHL - steps into a slot opposite Stephen Brunt (of The Globe and Mail) on Bob McCown's nightly talk show produced by Rogers.

It isn't clear what that means for veteran hockey writer Jim Kelley, who has commuted from his Buffalo-area home to do the show since 2006."
LINK: Few full article here

What do you guys think? Is this the end of Kelley on Prime Time Sports?? I'll give you guys my thoughts later in the week...


  1. John Shannon doesn't impress me at all.

    He doesn't seem to offer any unique insights into the business side of sports whatsoever.

    And he appears completely out of his element discussing on-field performances.

    I am not crazy about him as a guest host either.

    I forsee Shannon will be just another NHL mouthpiece on the show. Bobcat even accused him of exactly that on the air this week.

    Unfortunately, unlike Kypreos and McLean, he won't simply be a guest that McCown can hang up on when he's heard enough NHL PR.

    I understand that Shannon has contacts which might help McCown land some big name interviews.

    But does the Bobcat really need any help in this regard?

    And what exactly does Shannon have to offer that justifies limiting the contributions of Kelley(hit/miss but entertaining), Grange(most underrated sports commentator in the country IMO)or any other co-host?

    I get the impression that this decision was forced on McCown by the higher-ups.

    Oh well.

    We do know Bobcat won't stand by and let Shannon spin for the NHL without an argument breaking out.

    At least we have that to look forward to.

  2. So the numbers are in for the first month of the fall ratings on the radio. This is the new People Meter System which should deliver a more accurate account on who is listening to what.

    Prime Time Sports 9.0
    The Bill Watters Show 4.6

    PTS cumulative 207,000-weekly 75,000 daily
    BWS Cumulative 138,000 weekly 39,000 daily

    Mccown has a big lead. BWS makes in roads in this space there is no question. However, Mccown is Mccown.

    Interestingly enough, the Watters show surpassed Mccown with the younger demographic, 18-34 men: BWS 4.8, Mccown 3.9

    In the older demographic men aged 35-54: Mccown 10.2, BWS 4.4