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"I'm reluctant to read emails, because it gives a platform to the morons." - Bob McCown

It really bothers me to hear Bob McCown talk about hate mail he got as a result of his piece on the Fifth Estate. I will say what he can't. Things will change when the "dinosaurs" are extinct. When the Cherrys, Burke's, and Bettman's of the NHL are out of the NHL, things will change.

For the record, McCown has never said he wants fighting out of hockey. What McCown does want is stiffer penalties thereby making a greater deterrent for fighting in hockey. What McCown does want is to remove the goons from the league that serve no point other than taking spots from other skilled players. What McCown does want is a more skilled league.

No one can justify how the level of hockey is so high in tournaments where no fighting exists, yet it can't happen for the NHL.

I am so proud of the Brunts and McCowns of the world trying to shine a light on the hypocrisy of the NHL. This is the beauty of Prime Time Sports.

I grant you that this issue isn't as clear cut in the direction of creating larger deterrents for fighting, but one thing is for ain't as one sided as the bully's of the NHL are making it. ...and as McCown has stated, when someone in the NHL dies as a result of a fight, the dinosaurs may be extinct overnight.

(Bobcat - you are out to lunch if you think the Sens are buyers...and I mean REALLY out to lunch.)

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