Monday, March 2 - 5:00-6:00

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Stephen Brunt

Before we get started today, didn't update Friday's entry as there wasn't much to comment on.

There are few things in life like seeing Stephen Brunt work with Bob McCown, especially on Monday in the first 5pm segment. Normally, it's like eavesdropping on two very good, but VERY different friends catching up. It reminds me of a lot of the conversations I have with my friends that I haven't seen in a while. The first segment is normally reserved for the McCown and Brunt to talk about the issues of the day. While Kelley and McCown also do the same, ain't nuttin like McCown and Brunt. (OK, you guys get the point eh?)

Today was different. The banter was good, speaking about the East Coast, however the boys jumped straight to the fighting issue. Specifically, the Fifth Estate piece and the past weekends Coach's Corner attack on Ovechkin by Don Cherry (see video from Feb 28).

Cherry put a bounty out on Ovechkin. To call it anything else is shortsighted and naive. If some goon wants to make a name for himself, he now has a free pass on Ovechkin. Agree with the boys, that this is really all on Cherry.

Here's one question - why was Ron so silent? For a guy who has has annually teed off on Bettman with such pinpoint accuracy, why was he so silent on Saturday?

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