Thursday, February 26 - 6:00-7:00

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Jim Kelley
Guests: President and CEO of Sports and Entertainment L.P., Brian Cooper; NHL player agent, Anton Thun; Greg Logan, Newsday writer

The need for NHL clubs to have access funds is hitting an alarming rate. 50% of NHL teams need access to NHL reserves this year, but yet according to Bettman,life is beautiful:

(to the guys in Toronto with Bobcat, please don't show him the above link or he'll jump from the studio offices!)

$5.69/ticket for seasons tickets in Tampa Bay in the nosebleeds next year? Giddy-up! At least with the crappy economy, we'll see better deals for tickets. We've already seen the deals in Ottawa already. (Mind you, that probably has to do more with the Sens stinking up the arena, than the economic climate!)

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