1/14/10 - @totalpts, CHFI, TSN, Kelley, Fay Vincent, Marvin Miller

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: John Shannon
Guests: Phil King, president of TSN; Sportsnet.ca's Jim Kelley, Dan Shulman, ESPN broadcaster; NHL executive Colin Campbell, NFL writer for Sports Illustrated, Don Banks; former commissioner of Major League Baseball, Fay Vincent; Clint Hamilton, CIS president.

"What's with the weird music around here? We've turned into CHFI!"...and so it began. Poor @totalpts getting slagged but thanks for playing some Oasis for me (note how Bobcat didn't get peeved over that one, eh??) More on our bud @totalpts coming soon!

Interesting to have the president of TSN appear on PTS. Has the president of Sportsnet ever appeared on PTS? Does Doug Beeforth ring a bell?? Not to me, so I'd be willing to bet he hasn't been on.

These segments with Kelley in fine form are also becoming classic! Is it me, or is Kelley much better as a guest than a co-host. I'm not sure why, but he is!

I am a big time Fay Vincent fan. He has a "Bert Sugar"-type adoration by Bobcat, and in turn the listeners. More gripping radio as a listener. McCown asked Vincent about Mavin Miller being in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Vincent called it an "outrageous scandal". Not being given the context ahead of time and having no clue on who Marvin Miller is, I decided to google him, and it's a fascinating story. He's alive at 92, and in an era where there is only Andrew Dawson going into the BHOF, he really should be put in to acknowledge the work he's done for Baseball.


  1. I agree, love hearing Jim on the air in any capacity, even if he can only come in as a guest. I have done my best to accept Shannon when he co-hosts, but just can't do it anymore. He has such a whiny voice it is almost unlistenable, plus he is Boring. Even his hockey knowledge is nothing special Bottom line - he adds nothing for me, and I may have to just listen when Brunt is on.

    Continued good health to Jim and let's hope he can come back and relegate Shannon to Friday round table or the odd guest appearance.

  2. I think Shanon is there to babysit McCown when he's in Vancouver!!!

    Brunt/McCown is stellar! Like Wilson/House!!!
    -Bobcat Idol

  3. Doug Beeforth is the president of Sportsnet. I know he's been on our show at least once, back in July 2004. (Yes, I had to look it up.)

    The topics from that interview? One was public broadcaster CBC bidding against private TV networks for rights to sporting events.