Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Monday, January 4th, 2010 (5:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Stephen Brunt
Guests: Boxing expert, Bert Sugar; Darrell Davis, columnist for the Regina Leader-Post, Sports Illustrated's Don Banks; Rob Becker, attorney and legal analyst; Dan Dunleavy, radio play-by-play man for the World Junior Hockey Championship.

…and we're back in 2010! Better than EVER! Hope everyone out there had a great holidays and looking forward to a fantastic year here at the PTSR!

In the opening segment, McCown asked Brunt "It would be hard to send Eric Tillman to the Boys and Girls Club, wouldn't it?" ...and in that question epitomized the point of no return for Tillman. Tillman's only option as I see it is the Roughriders taking him back as no other organization would bring him on in any capacity. Being in Ottawa and remembering what impact Tillman had on this city, there is a tinge of sympathy for the predicament he's in for someone with vision shouldn't have. At the same time, at the time the allegations were made, he insisted that he would be given a complete discharge. Having said that, I don't think anyone thought the complete discharge would come under these admissions. Tillman is guilty. Ultimately the court of public opinion will judge his fate.

Bobcat also feels arenas should be located where people live and not downtown. As a result, I expect to hear absolutely NO negative feedback for the Senators building their arena in Kanata!!!

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