Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Monday, December 14, 2009 (5:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Stephen Brunt
Guests: Toronto Sun baseball columnist, Bob Elliott; Bob Nicholson, Toronto Argonauts president and CEO, The Golf Channel's Iain Page; Playoff PAC founder, Matthew Sanderson; Canadian curling representative at the Olympics, Kevin Martin.

On the eve of Doc being traded to the Phillies, Bobcat was in an irate mood. "The Jays are in danger of killing the business. The business and economic rationale I understand. I have never espoused the concept of keeping a player at the risk of losing him and getting nothing. Halladay is different. This is the time you had to take that risk."

I care that I don't care about the Jays anymore. …and by "don't care", I mean that I don't have an emotional connection with this team the way I used to. My only connection with this team is with guys named Barfield, Moseby, Bell, Carter, Winfield and Alomar. This team has taken me as a fan for granted for the years of support I game from '82 onwards. Attention started to waiver for me in 1998, and it's been downhill ever since.

McCown continued, "If you don't spend $120 million, get out of Major League Baseball cause you can't compete. If you think you can make money by spending 80 million, just wait. Just wait till this year, and let's see how much money you make by leaving $40 million on the table. This city has had enough building, rebuilding, promises, 3-year plans, 5-year plans - those days are over. To walk into another one is suicide. I think they are making a terrible mistake."

Matthew Sanderson sounded like an infant when being questioned by McCown and Brunt. Yep, the BCS is a mess, but c'mon dude…taking it to Congress???

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  1. From William Houston's blog:

    We reported almost two months ago that John Shannon had replaced Jim Kelley as the semi-regular co-host of Bob McCown’s Fan590 afternoon drive. It’s worth pointing that Kelley was not pushed out of his job. His departure was necessitated by illness. He has pancreatic cancer. It’s not terminal, but he’s in a fight. We wish him all the best