Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Tuesday, December 1, 2009 (4:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Stephen Brunt
Guests: Kevin Martin, Canadian curler; TSN's Rod Black, Former NBA player, Spud Webb; president and CEO of Tennis Canada, Michael Downey; Mark Fainaru-Wada from ESPN, Rogers Sportsnet hockey commentator, Nick Kypreos; Bob Elliott, baseball columnist for the Toronto Sun,

There are days where it's painful to write about Prime Time Sports, as the content or issues surrounding PTS is dull as hell! Today is not one of those days...

The new format of Prime Time will now eliminate the call-in portion which was held from 4pm-5pm. What this does is bring in more and more guests, but hopefully not dilute the quality. What's really interesting is (and I'm sure it's not a coincidence), guests from TSN are coming on Sportsnet. Rod Black comes on Sportsnet airwaves, and not for any topic in particular. What's the forum for Sportsnet talent to get on TSN airwaves? Off the Record? Please. CBC and Sportsnet seem to have a mutual agreement with Cherry and McLean coming on a couple of times a year. However, young talent such as Freeman seem to have pretty strict constraints on when he can appear on Prime Time.

How long before Pierre McGuire or Bob McKenzies comes on Prime Time airwaves?

The un-holy alliance is just getting started.

I have few loves in my life. Prime Time Sports, Letterman and Pearl Jam. ...and hearing Pearl Jam starting a segment just about was as close to heaven in my ears as I'll get! Keep it up!!!

I get the sense that the relationship between Brunt-McCown is the same relationship between I off on this? Maybe not from the visual end, but from the ying-yang, tension, but ultimate love for each other. (OK, maybe I'm off!!!)

Hearing Brunt talk about the ending of the Grey Cup and what that meant to him as a Sports Writer was simply poetry. He was bang on regarding what we thing a Sports Writer's life is and probably equally right about how the game ending completely threw everyone in the press box for a loop.

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