Jim Kelley leaves Prime Time Sports

Thanks to poster Mike S for this via the Globe and Mail:
"Speaking of The Fan 590, as previously reported by Usual Suspects, John Shannon has taken over permanently as co-host on Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown. Jim Kelley, who had commuted from Buffalo to work the show the past few years, has left the station for personal reasons. No timetable for his return has been announced."

What do you guys think about this? Will you miss him? Kelley, hope the personal reasons aren't health related, and thanks for the entertainment!!

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  1. Jim Kelley truly had his moments. His knowledge and credibity of NHL hockey was impeccable. He is deserving of his Hall of Fame status.

    But Kelley could never totally get the hang of the radio thing. Too much stammering. Forgeting names, mixing things up. None worst than refering to the NFL as the NHL and vice versa. He even had the opportunity to take the lead chair after the end of Toth hosting and before Rob Faulds came into the picture. He never seemed comfortable hosting and could never get comfortable intros or outros.

    Perhaps he can be incorporated into an occasional phone call on PTS. I hope he continues writing in SI.

    Good Riddance Jim.