Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Wednesday, November 25, 2009 (5:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: John Shannon
Guests: Andrew Brandt, president of National Football Post and former VP of the Green Bay Packers; Andreas Apostolopoulos from Triple Properties, NBC and Versus hockey analyst, Ed Olczyk; Michael Hiestand, USA Today media columnist; Quinton Aaron, actor in the movie "The Blind Side".

I've asked this before, but....

McCown, if the Jays are so good right now and the nucleus is there, why fire JP in the first place? It can't be both ways. Either JP built this city on rock and roll, or he should have been axed. Which is it?? Your notion of the nucleus being there would suggest that it is the former, not the latter.

Wonderful revelation of Domi being re-signed by the Leafs for 2.5 million for the direct reason to sell jerseys. John Shannon swears it's true. 2.5 million divided by $100/jersey equals 25,000 jerseys a year. Is it possible that there are enough leaf nation idiots that justified the contract? As crazy as it sounds, I bet MLSE made their money back on that one (and then some!)

Hey - anyone know how did Brunt do on the torch relay?


  1. A Change for Prime Time Sports

    Starting as soon as next week, the plan is to reduce audience phone in to Monday and Friday only, between 4-5 p.m. On the other days the 4:00 hour will be reserved for guests and interviews


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