Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 (5:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: John Shannon
Guests: Baseball play-by-play announcer on ESPN, Dan Shulman; Peter Berg, director of "King's Ransom"; Jeff Hunt, owner of the Ottawa 67's and prospective CFL owner; Lester Munson, ESPN legal analyst.

Had the opportunity to see King's Ransom and thought it was fantastic. Moreso for the behind the scenes interviews with McNall, Pocklington and Gretzky and video from that period in time. I suspect it could have been a lot longer and hope a DVD comes out about it with a lot more content from the primary players. If you remember *anything* from that period in time, see it.

The promos for a TSN special on Sportsnet was rather interesting…and I wonder how much debate was involved with brining Berg on the show.

Ottawa gets its stadium. Being in Ottawa, I cannot believe we had this much debate and am doing everything in my power to ensure my City Councilor who voted against the plan (Peggy Feltmate) is voted out of office next time around.

Shannon with the line of the day on Bobcats dressing style: "McCown, you're a cross between Letterman and Imus."

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