Sportsnet Feedback...Part deux...

After not hearing from Sportsnet 11 days ago, I decided to resend my original request to them:

11 days ago I sent in the following request and 11 days later, I have yet to hear from you. I am sending the email again in hopes of hearing back from you as perhaps something happened with my original question. Can you please explain to me why you continue to jerk around Bob McCown and more importantly, me as a viewer? Yes, I can (and do) go elsewhere to get Prime Time Sports, but the way you treat us as viewers is shameful. One day it's on, and the other it's off. ...and it doesn't have anything to do with baseball. There are days when baseball wasn't on in the past couple of weeks where Prime Time Sports wasn't shown and NO REASON OR EXPLANATION was given to us as viewers. Not sure of the love/hate of Bob McCown, but as a viewer, I'm getting tired of being jerked around. I'm sure your sponsors will really enjoy the fact that loyal viewers to Prime Time Sports are now going elsewhere to get the product they wish to have on a *consistent* basis - ie. Fan 590 or the podcasts. Please provide an explanation. This email as well as whatever your response (if any), will be posted on my website, "Prime Time Sports Review" at -Frustrated Listener

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