Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Friday, October 16, 2009 (5:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Guests: Roundtable with Bob McCown, John Shannon, Jeff Blair, and David Shoalts.

Prime Time Sports has always been a national broadcast. The first hour of the show featured the roundtable discussing how brutal the leafs are. Now being an Ottawa Senators fan, my bias is clear. Having said that, does the country *really* need a dissection of the worst place team? Why not discuss the challenges in Calgary, Montreal and Vancouver? What about the play of the Sens and how the team seems to have turned it around? Could it simply be that McCown, Shannon, Blair and Shoalts are all pretty much one dimensional in terms of their hockey knowledge? "Why bother being a leaf fan?" remarked Blair. Why discuss them in the first place and spend so damn long on the pathetic embarrassment that is the leafs? (Bash if you'd like, but you are only kidding yourself, delusional or a leaf fan...or all 3!)

So who would you like to see light the torch in Vancouver: Wayne Gretzky? Rick Hansen? Pierre Lueders? Terry Fox's Mother? Nancy Greene?

...and did you know that the Olympic torch will be lit in a few short days?? HREF="


  1. PTS is not a national broadcast. Only the last hour is national, and that is because it is syndicated on several radio stations across Canada. The first two hours of PTS are local, and that is why they tend to discuss local issues more during those two hours than they do in the third hour. I am not a Leafs fan but their pathetic performance so far this season is a huge story in Toronto right now so I have no problem with PTS discussing it extensively during the 5:00 hour on Friday's roundtable

  2. PTS IS a national broadcast. That's why McCown always quips, "the nations most listened to radio presentation". 6-7 or otherwise, the show is aired, podcasted, televised in all of Canada.

    With that said, if they wanted to devote one segment on the leafs, I don't have an issue. But for god's sake, it was 2 segments, and the opening no less.

    I've got news for ya - if you think it was solely becuase the leafs are tanking that coverage is huge, it isn't. Why McCown continues to talk about the subject that he loathes the most, I'm not sure. But the rest of the country is getting sick of it...and may be enjoying the demise of the blue team.

  3. 1) When McCown says "the most listened to radio presentation" he is referring to the 6:00 hour of the show. The first two hours of his show are only on one radio station so that portion of the show is not the most listened to

    2) Historically the 6:00 hour of the show has been broadcast on all four Sportsnet channels while the 5:00 hour of the show was only on Sportsnet Ontario. The main reason for this is because the 5:00 hour focuses more on local issues

    3) Just because a show is available on podcast doesn't mean it is national. There are plenty of radio shows that are on podcast and none of them are national

    4) Most of the guests that relate to the various Toronto sports teams are heard in the 5:00 hour of the show because that hour focuses much more on local issues

  4. Unfortunately, the growth of Prime Time Sports should force the show to think about what is covered and what is not. A discussion on the leafs is a-ok in my books, when the primary players are involved. By this, I don't mean the players themselves, but rather Management (Burke and company.)

    How two segments were dedicated to the leafs, is anyone's guess. I would think that even torontonians are sick of the leaf 'discussion'. Remember, these were the same pundits who were predicting a 9th-11th place playoff spot in the East.