Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Friday, October 23, 2009 (5:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Roundtable with Bob McCown, Jim Kelley, Bruce Arthur, and Neil Smith.

If the Senators played Dodgeball during practice, the Toronto media would have a flippin' field day. I can't believe the number of journalists defending the Leafs. Soon the tide will turn on Burke. The early play of the Leafs seems to be Burke's "bogey" by the media, and everyone but McCowns love affair with Burke is continuing. I admit that I was skeptical of how McCown would handle criticizing Burkey, but he definitely stepped into Burke with some pretty big fists questioning his vision for the team.

McCown's line of the week saying if he were GM he'd tell the players, "If you don't play better, you'll be driving a truck next week!!"

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  1. What a privilege it was to listen to Prime Time Sports last night and hear Stephen Brunt, that giant of sports journalism – no, check that, that giant of Olympic boosterism — explain to us why it is entirely appropriate for him to participate in the promotion of the Vancouver Games, despite the small fact, he is, ahem, a journalist working for The Globe and Mail.

    Brunt, in case you missed it, was selected, and agreed, to carry the Olympic torch during its promotional relay parade across the country. CTV announced last week that 26 of its broadcasters, many of whom will cover the Games for the network, and also Brunt, will be torchbearers.

    This, of course, represents an outrageous conflict of interest. These people are now part of the Olympic marketing machine, but also will be expected to report and comment independently and objectively on the Vancouver Games.

    But Brunt doesn’t see a problem with this.