Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Monday, October 19, 2009 (5:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Jim Kelley (what the??)
Mark Cohon, CFL commissioner; Toronto Sun baseball columnist, Bob Elliott; hockey analyst for Comcast SportsNet, Al Morganti, and Neil Smith, former NHL team general manager; Daniel Kaplan from SportsBusiness Journal; offensive linesmen for the Buffalo Bills, Andy Levitre and Eric Wood.

"If the audience thinks they are the only one confused…yeah, we're a little confused ourselves. I'm happy to get 1,800 emails a day asking "where are you", Sportsnet can answer the question of where we are."

…and Kelley returns?? So now 3 co-hosts? It's a good thing Rogers Sportsnet and PTS continue to keep us viewers in the freakin' loop eh?

Steroids matter. As McCown has espoused in the past, what do we tell our kids when they have the option of pursuing elite athletics? That's it is okay to cheat, especially if it's part of the norm of society? Now whether professional sports has the balls to

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