Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown: Friday, October 9, 2009 (5:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Guests: Roundtable with Bob McCown, John Shannon, James Deacon, and Sam Cosentino.
Why come forward now Fleury? Why speak now and not when Sheldon Kennedy pursued a case against James? Why speak now and not when he was younger to help ensure that James would be locked away never to harm children again? Why put Graham James in a position to Coach other boys (link)?

With all of these lingering questions, how can any of us put our minds in the head of Fleury, including what he has been through and the demons he has battled through the years? It is definitely tough on mainstream journalists who need to delicately ask these questions while at the same time having empathy for what Fleury has gone through.

Still no word on whether Jim Kelley is gonzo on Prime Time Sports.

I pretty much agree with the panel on the Jays. This is the turning point. A lot of fans will make their mind up on the future support of this team based on what management does this year in the off season. Will fans still show up? Sure. But as an average of less than 20,000 - that's pretty much a given. Unless the Jays management can show the fans that they are ready to pony up and financially support this team against the Sox and Yankees.

What do you think of the Jays 60 mill vs 120 mill debate?

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  1. Is Bob Mccown Getting Greedy?

    Word on the street is that Bob Mccown may be getting greedy when it comes to his fees for the Primetime coverage on Sportsnet.

    We are told that Mccown may have asked for too much money and PTS may get yanked off Sportsnet