Prime Time Sports with Bob McCown - Monday, March 23 (6:00-7:00)

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Host: Stephen Brunt
Guest: Brian Cooper
As the Gillette saga in Montreal unfolds, I will be really interested to see how McCown handles Brunt's personal relationship with Gillette. When the MLSE had their Brian-Burke-for-GM search committee and Gord Kirke was part of it, it was amazing to see how McCown didn't back down from asking questions to Kirke on the status of the search. McCown was relentless and pushed Kirke like crazy during those months. I'm not so sure McCown will be pushing Brunt for more info on Gillette, given how close Brunt and Gillette are. But he certainly should. Brunt may not know anything more, but if the Habs ownership questions continue, it will be impossible for McCown to ask Brunt questions that 'only a friend would know.' As McCown stated tonight, "It's just barely beginning."

Who would have thought the Habs would be more screwed up than the Sens?

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