Friday, February 27 - 5:00-6:00

Host: Bob McCown
Co-Hosts: Jim Kelley, Mary Ormsby, Wayne Parrish

Discussion about how bloggers are the scum of the earth (ok, maybe that's a stretch!) The discussion started with A-Roid and how the report of 104 players was perhaps poor reporting in that the reporters didn't insist on getting all the names of players. This turned into Kelley taking another shot against the online ink-stained wretches (ie. bloggers, et al)! Kelley seems to have a real slant against the online community and this week alone has taken 2-3 shots against bloggers for reporting fictitious news. If it weren't for bloggers, I'm convinced no news would have come out regarding Ray Emery, and his personal life which caused the demise of the Sens last year.

Loved the long story on how McCown and ownership of NBA games in the early 80s.

Am I wrong on this, or does Mary Ormsby bear a striking resemblance to Joanna Kerns from the TV show Growing Pains?

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